Thursday, March 31, 2011

The joys of eating gluten-free

I was recently diagnosed with Celiac's Disease, which means that I can't have anything with gluten in it.   It's been an adventure just trying to find something that I can eat for lunch.  I definitely have not been eating nearly as much as I usually do! 

Each Thursday, Sonic has 75 cent cheeseburgers and I always look forward to that day.  Unfortutely for me, I can no longer eat hamburger buns so I decided to improvise.  A couple of days prior, I bought a bag of 80 corn tortillas because a friend had suggested that I try eating those.  I decided to still order my Sonic cheeseburgers, but instead of eating them on bread, I would eat them on my corn tortillas.  Not was disgusting.  I'll continue to post my adventures with gluten-free eating.

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