Thursday, April 14, 2011

Look at the stars...

I just got home from a couple of trips to Southern Utah, visiting Capitol Reef and Arches National Parks.  Amazing!!!  Aside from the red rock formations and warm weather, I was completely awed by the night sky.  I have never seen so many stars in my entire life. 

So there I was, in Capitol Reef, nobody around our campsite, no lights from fires, RV's, or homes.  It was a new moon so there wasn't even light from that either.  Now, I've seen amazing stars before, especially when I lived in Grand Teton NP, but that particular night I felt like I could see every star that was ever created.  I felt like I was being transported back to a time when people just lived off the land and ran around in loin cloths.  Seriously!  The stories of the constellations that I have heard and learned growing up suddenly became very real to me and I could begin to imagine what the ancients had seen when life was much simpler.

Then I began to feel very small.  So many stars and worlds have been created, each with a specific purpose in the grand design.  Where do I fit in to all of that?  I'm just one person.  It was at that point that I had an overwhelming feeling of love and peace come over me.  I was created by that same Great Being for a specific purpose, and He loves me and is aware of me, just like He is aware of every single star I saw that night.

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