Tuesday, June 21, 2011

I would not make a very good mermaid...

This past week I was able to spend a day kayaking by myself.  I think I definitely prefer having my feet on dry land.  By the end of the day I was "ready to walk, ready to run, ready to play all day in the sun!  Out of the sea, wish I could be."  Just to quote one of my favorite childhood movies....

It was amazing to see and experience something completely new to me.  I'm really not too familiar or comfortable with life in the ocean and to be experiencing it on my own, by myself was very rewarding.  I started out early in the morning when the water was completely glassy.  As I was paddling, I could hear breathing behind me, so I turned around and realized that I was being followed by a seal.  Curious little creatures.  In the distance I could hear noises so I stopped and looked real close at the other side of the bay.  I could see fins coming up and out of the water.  I was hesitant to continue moving in that direction, but that was the way I needed to go and so I kept paddling.  Before long I was in the middle of the ocean with many black fins around me as the harbor porpoises came up to breathe.  Then they started to jump.  Then I started to freak out a little bit because they were within a few feet of my kayak.  At one point I looked down to see one swimming underneath me.  Yep, not okay with me.  They followed me the rest of the day and I must say, I never got used to having them around.  Everytime they'd come up to breathe, I'd jump a little bit in my seat.

Overall it was magical though.  Words can't really describe how peaceful and serene it was to be that close to the underwater world.  Hopefully next time I won't be so cowardly!

Kayaking Glacier Bay

I liked them from this distance and wish they would have stayed right there!

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