Monday, June 6, 2011

These boots are made for walkin'

This summer, I've traded in my chacos for rubber boots.  Everyone in Southeast Alaska wears these big brown boots called X-tra tufs and I've decided to try them out.  You can't be considered an Alaskan if you don't own a pair of these!  They do come in handy when I go tide-pooling or fishing but boy oh boy they are BAD for hiking in.  Example....Sarah and I went on a 25 mile hike in X-tra tufs and I ended up in a knee brace and she is on crutches.  They were nice to have while we were hiking along the beach and falling into sinkholes, but now I know that I will NEVER hike in them again.

My X-tra tufs

The hike was beautiful though and the day was perfect.  We started at Bartlett Cove and followed the beach the whole way, walking over rocks and sinking into the mud.  When we got to Point Gustavus we could see up into Glacier Bay from one direction and the whole Icy Strait from the other.  We concluded that this would be the perfect place for pirates to hang out and stash their booty.

The desolate sandy beach covered in seashells

Me at Pt. Gustavus

We're trapped!!!
I've had some great missionary experiences this week as well.  Being somewhere beautiful definitely helps people feel God's love and reach out for something higher.  It's hard to be surrounded by His creations and not yearn for something more.  I've been able to share my testimony with a few close friends that are looking for guidance and direction.  I'm so grateful for the peace and the love I feel everyday and I'm happy to share it with everyone I meet!

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