Friday, May 27, 2011

Glacier Bay at it's finest!

I've noticed that when I write in my journal, the most exciting times in my life never really get written about.  That is a shame, because those are the times that I want to remember the most.  I guess it's good to be out having adventures and creating memories though!  This week has been a wonderful week and I've been able to do a couple of things that I've never done before.  I love adding new skills to my list!

So, first part of my training last week they took us on a sightseeing trip through Glacier Bay for a couple of days.  The weather was amazing (still cold, but blue skies) and we just got to cruise through virtually untouched wilderness.  I spent the night in a tent on Russell Island in the West Arm of Glacier Bay and saw two HUGE brown bears right by where I was camping.  We saw whales, porpoises, mountain goats, eagles, land otters, seal lions, seals, and moose.  I got to row to shore and stand right up next to a big blue tidewater glacier.

East Arm - McBride Glacier and icebergs
Blue glacier ice

Drinking (or trying to) the glacier run-off

West Arm of Glacier Bay

Next adventure.... last Friday I had my cold-water kayak training and it was INSANE.  For the whole day we got in our kayaks, rolled ourselves into the water, and practiced different ways to get back into our kayaks.  I was freezing (to say the least) but it was awesome.  Just so everybody knows, I would be happy to go kayaking with you and I would be able to save you if necessary.  It was so much fun!

And for my last adventure this week, I was very blessed to go halibut fishing for a day.  My friend Sarah and her dad are way into fishing and so we all went and it was an experience that I will remember forever.  I was a little nervous haha but found that I'm actually quite a natural :)  I have never seen such a big fish in my entire life!  We are allowed to keep two each and by the end of the day, I was looking at 140 lbs of halibut to fill up my freezer.  Sarah's dad said that he has never seen someone get so excited about a fish!  We caught the fish, gutted the fish, cut up the fillets, vacuum packed them, and froze them.  We left some out and had a big fish fry that night with a bunch of friends.  I got to see the complete process of enjoying halibut and it was incredible.  My arms were so sore from reeling in a fish that weighed half as much as me and that was fighting for his life.  The blood and guts didn't freak me out too much....

Too heavy for me to lift

All in a days work....

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